Understanding X-Rays

By Heinrich Becker, MD Former Head Dept. Interdisciplinary Endoscopy Thoraxclinic at Heidelberg University, Heidelberg Germany X-Rays And Nasal Feeding Tube Safety An X-Ray is the gold standard for the confirmation of feeding tube position prior to the start of tube feeding Reading must be performed and documented by Radiologist with appropriate training Crucial that Clinical […]

Nurse Certification Isn’t Required for Feeding Tube Placement. Let’s Talk About It!

Published at the Medical Device News Magazine, November 3, 2020 By: Doron Besser, Chief Executive Officer of ENvizion Prospective nurses each year complete their post-secondary degrees and training, soon to start their careers in clinics and hospitals. As a part of their training in the basics, many learn to properly place feeding tubes. Perhaps shockingly, […]

HSIB report: Placement of nasogastric tubes

Placement of nasogastric tubes Independent report by the Healthcare Safety  investigation BranchDecember 2020 Data from NHS supply chain shows that each year at least 967,977 NG tubes are purchased in the NHS in hospitals and community settings (care home and home). NG tubes have been the subject of numerous patient safety alerts in the last 15 years. […]

Nutrition in critically ill patients with COVID-19: Challenges and special considerations

Published: May 13, 2020Clinical NutritionLETTER TO THE EDITOR| VOLUME 39, ISSUE 7, P2327-2328, JULY 01, 2020 From the published letter: For patients with gastric residuals above 500 mL, the ESPEN guidelines recommend placement of a post-pyloric feeding tube as soon as possible [2]. However, post-pyloric feeding tube placement is not trivial in critically ill patients […]

A successful feeding tube placement in Covid-19 patient utilizing the ENvue system

Case description A 45 year old man suffering from high fever and shortness of breath was admitted to a covid-19 isolation floor at a US hospital employing our enteral navigation system. The patient was not mechanically ventilated but rather placed on a BiPAP machine. In six minutes the feeding tube was placed safely into his […]

Backed by $18 Million and a Nationwide Agreement With One of the Largest Private Hospital Networks in The U.S., ENvizion® Unveils Enteral Feeding Tube ‘GPS’ Tech

ENvizion’s enteral feeding tube placement technology provides hospital clinicians confidence to place enteral feeding tubes correctly, potentially saving time and lives during the COVID-19 rush TEL AVIV–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ENvizion®, the FDA 510(k) cleared leader in enteral feeding placement navigation technology, announces its agreement with one of the largest private hospital networks in the U.S., with more […]

FDA 510(k) Clearance

The ENvue Electromagnetic Feeding Tube Placement (EFTP) system is designed to enable accurate positioning of feeding tubes at the patient’s bedside Proven safe and effective in ENvue clinical trials, with no tube insertions into the pulmonary airway Over 22 million feeding tubes are placed annually ENvizion Medical announced that the ENvue™ Electromagnetic Feeding Tube Placement System […]

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