ENvizion Raises $18M for “Waze”-Like Tool for Human Digestive Tract

by Fred Pennic 09/03/2020 

What You Should Know:

– ENvizion, the FDA 510(k) cleared leader for enteral feeding tube (EFT) navigation technology, has raised $18M for the ENvue system, its “Waze”-like tool for the human digestive tract.

– ENvizion’s device enables nurses to navigate the feeding tube with the help of a real-time 3D map of the patient’s actual body, and its sensor warns if the tube has veered towards the lungs.

– The company is also partnering with one of the largest private hospital networks in the U.S. to bring the latest electromagnetic EFT placement devices to its 100+ hospitals.
ENvizion, a Tel Aviv, Israel-based FDA 510(k) cleared leader announced it has raised $18M in funding from private medtech backers, family offices, and the Technion Venture Capital fund. In addition, the company has inked an agreement with one of the largest private hospital networks in the U.S., with more than one hundred hospitals, to provide ENvizion’s feeding tube placement navigation devices nationwide.

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