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Anat Hofshi, PhD

VP Clinical Affairs

With a great belief in technologies that can improve patient safety, Dr. Hofshi joined ENvizion Medical to lead the clinical activities and trials required to finalize the R&D phase and to commercialize the ENvue system in the US. Dr. Hofshi brings outstanding ability to interconnect between different disciplines areas and a high level of practical and hands-on skills. 

Previous to her joining ENvizion, Dr. Hofshi, served as a Project Leader at B.G. Guard and Carmel StemSense, startup companies in the field of Diabetics.

Dr. Hofshi holds a B.S.c in Biotechnology and Food engineering and a PhD from the Department of Physiology and Biophysics, Technion Institute, specializing in Electrophysiology, Stem Cells and Cardiovascular Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Hofshi received many awards and honors for her scientific accomplishments (Wolf, etc.).

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