Clay Ansemo

Clay Anselmo

VP Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs

Clay Anselmo joined ENvizion from inception.

Previously, Clay cofounded Reglera, LLC, a leading provider of quality and regulatory consulting and outsourcing services for the medical device and human tissue products industries. During Clay’s eight-year tenure, Reglera grew into a domestic and international powerhouse, with a diverse client base and a CAGR of 35%. In 2014 the company was acquired by DLSS.  He served as Chief Operating Officer of Dohmen Life Sciences Services (DLSS).

In addition, Clay has served on the US corporate management team at Cobe Laboratories / Gambro Healthcare, helping Gambro to rapidly grow into the leading dialysis company in the US.

He holds a BSc in mechanical engineering from the University of Washington, Seattle.

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