Doron Besser, M.D.

CEO & President

Doron Besser is the CEO and President of ENvizion Medical and Managing General Partner of Swing Medical. Prior to co-founding ENvizion with Shay Tsuker in 2017, Doron served as CEO of Angioslide Ltd., a company specializing in innovative, cost effective angioplasty products. Doron guided the company through its infancy stages, which included complicated animal and human trials, to FDA clearance, CE approval and initial market penetration in Europe and the US. Doron also served as VP of Clinical and Marketing and VP of Business Development at superDimension, a leader in minimally-invasive pulmonology devices. Doron helped lead superDimension from its inception, serving on the core team that identified opportunities within the pulmonology market. In 2012, Covidien acquired superDimension for ~$300 million.

As a seasoned entrepreneur, Doron specializes in identifying breakthrough technologies and developing them throughout all product development phases, including international sales and marketing activities.

He holds a Doctor of Medicine degree from Munich’s Ludwig-Maximilians University.

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