Evaluating Feeding Tube Placement Technology

In the world of insurance, Progressive Insurance has an app which allows you to compare insurance rates and coverage before you buy.

It’s sponsored by Progressive so there’s always the risk that it is skewed to favor Progressive, but it is a helpful tool.

If evaluating medical equipment and feeding tube placement technology was only so easy!
Medical products are difficult to compare, and it is important to have a clinically respected, peer reviewed source to use in making comparisons.
In the past year there have been two excellent review articles published to help you do that.

At ENvizion® Medical we believe we have the best state of the art system available and these two article highlight the benefits of the ENvue System – 3 simultaneous real time views of procedure to allow for a more accurate 3-dimensional interpretation of placement, alerts upon potential entrance into the airways and a 96.5% alignment between the system’s tracing and x-ray images.

Learn more about the ENvue System Here 

Review more clinical evidence Here 


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